Sometimes You Fight Slug Monsters

Why I didn’t post a blog today:

An Essay By Toku The Martyr of The Slug Monster War

Somedays everything comes easy. You sit down at your computer to work and it’s like magic. The words flow, the ideas congeal, and you become a veritable ass kicker of clear and succinct prose.

And then there are the other days where you stub your toe, you space the super important phone call, and writing or working feels like an epic struggle against gargantuan slug monsters that latch themselves to your brain and extract every decent idea you have while they slowly drip self doubt and hopelessness directly into your blood stream.

For me today was one of those days.

But that’s ok.

The key to being happy and mindful is knowing that these days happen.

And that even though the slug monsters won today, tomorrow is another day and another chance to fight the evil hordes of doubt and unclarity, and more likely than not emerge victorious.

Please remember we all have bad days.
Sometimes it’s just your turn.



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5 thoughts on “Sometimes You Fight Slug Monsters

  1. I know that when I don’t exercise,I feel horrible the rest of the day so I just start even when I don’t feel like it. For other things, something as simple as writing down every single thing I do helps me feel accomplished. I don’t just write “clean the kitchen”, I itemize everything. Clean dishes, clean fridge, dust shelves, etc. That way it looks like more is getting done and I can give myself a big pat on the back (since usually nobody else does). It’s what gets me through the rough days.

  2. Well said. I had a day of stumbling defeat today and it’s good to reflect and accept that we’re human and those days happen.

    What’s important is taking the next step after you face plant.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. No advice, just thanks for putting a smile on my face after a day of fighting slug monsters myself 🙂

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