How To Find Happiness That Lasts

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness because for the first time in my adult life I am truly happy.

It’s not that I walk around with a stupid smile on my face all the time. And I certainly have days where I’m grumpy and whiny. But overall, I feel the warm glow of happiness more easily and consistently than ever before.

But it wasn’t always like this. For a long time I really struggled to find lasting happiness. I looked for it everywhere I went. I would start each new relationship and job with the hope that one day it would lead to happiness. And then when it didn’t, I’d look for happiness in the arms of another woman or at the bottom of a bag of weed.

It seemed like no matter what I did, lasting happiness was always just beyond my grasp.

So What Changed?
For one thing, my understanding of happiness has evolved.

I used to think that if I got the right job, the right body, and the right relationship I’d be happy. But I’ve learned that while having these things feels good, it isn’t enough to create lasting happiness.

Lasting happiness isn’t about what your life looks like on the outside. It’s about how you experience it on the inside. And so, I’ve spent a long time experimenting with and cultivating simple habits that help me stay happy.

Here are the habits I’ve been using lately:

1. I meditate in the morning for at least 5 minutes.
This helps me reconnect with myself and become aware of anything in my mind that I’m avoiding.

2. I write down my personal mission statement most days and review my life commitments every quarter.
This helps me reconnect with the deep purpose of my life and reminds me of my intentions for personal growth.

3. I schedule time to spend with my partner, to talk to my family, and to connect with my friends regularly.
When I make time to connect with others, I feel better and I remember how lucky I am to know such amazing people.

4. I get regular exercise that pushes me.
When I move my body, I clear my mind. Plus it helps me sleep better at night and think well all day long.

5. I practice meeting every situation I encounter with as much presence as I can muster.
I also try to walk without my headphones in, to watch trees blowing in the wind, and to listen to the natural sounds around me. All of which help me appreciate the miracle of being alive.

Of course, there are many things I do to create happiness, but these are the essential ones. When I remember to do these habits my life is better, and when I forget it’s much easier for me to be a bit sour.

Help With Creating The Happiness Habit?

One of the biggest things that has helped me be happy is meditating on a daily basis. And so I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be Beta testing my learning to meditate in 5 min a day meditation course starting in November and I would love you to try it out.

Through this course you will learn:

  • How to meditate with proper posture
  • How to deal with common obstacles
  • How to make meditation a daily habit

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Life is too short to wait around for happiness to find you. If you want to be happy, you have to understand what it takes and do the work to make it real. Because if you don’t you’ll end up reading about more happiness then you experience.

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