Sometimes It Doesn’t Work

Sometimes no matter how good you are, no matter how hard you try, no matter how well you planned your strategy, and no matter the being you brought to the table, it still doesn’t work.

It’s easy to blame someone—most often yourself, or maybe someone you’ve been wanting to blame anyway. It’s easy to lose hope and believe the universe is out to get you, that you’ll never achieve what you want, or that there is something truly inherently wrong with you.

It’s easy to forget about the good things that happened, the lessons you learned, and how amazing it was just to have the opportunity.

In these moments, you just have to remind yourself that sometimes it just doesn’t work and that sucks! It truly, truly sucks.

Breathe in the suckiness. Feel the suckiness in your body. Let it course through your veins.

This what suckiness feels like. And then let it go.

Take a shower. Eat a pint of ice cream. Watch a funny movie. Go to bed and wake up again.

Remember just because it didn’t work this time, doesn’t mean it won’t ever work. It doesn’t mean that you’re doomed. And most of all it doesn’t mean you suck.

Sometimes… things just don’t work, because…

They. Just. Don’t. Work.