Your One Trick

Part of the privilege success affords you is that you don’t have to do new or hard things. You are so good at what you do that you can just do your one trick over and over again. You can do the trick of your magical success for the rest of your life.

The problem is that you’re bored of this trick even though it impresses everyone else, which makes me wonder: What could you create if you stopped relying on your one fancy trick?

I know you have a clear sense of the business model you love and the lifestyle it affords you, but what if you were willing to abandon that model and alter that lifestyle even for just a month or a year? What amazing thing could you build for others if you let go of your bread and butter? What amazing quest could you undertake that could change your relationship with yourself to a level so deep you no longer feel unsatisfied or depressed?

I know that you are driven by your ambitions, the books you want to write and the businesses you want to build, but what would happen if you let that ambition take on new forms? What if you used that power to transform who you are and your connection to your heart in a way that unlocked parts of you that you didn’t even know existed?

The world may be impressed by your one trick, but I’m not. The people who see everything you could become still love you, but they know when you’re just doing your one trick.

Stop clinging to this one kind of brilliance. Stop doing the thing that is familiar. Instead, learn a new trick, even if it’s the wrong one. No one loves a one trick pony or even a five trick one. What people love is imperfect messy people becoming something even more gloriously messy and real.