Why You Should Stop Serving Numbers

When you first start out, you serve one person. You serve one client, one reader, one follower, or one fan. That one person is your world. You serve them, you show up for them, and you do your best to help them.

Then, over time your list grows. Your ideas gain traction. You get more clients. And at some point you stop serving people and start serving numbers instead. You focus on your metrics. You start A/B testing. And you try to get your numbers to grow.

You forget that behind each number is a person. Each view has a life. Each click is a person who’s searching for something.

They’re searching for answers to their biggest questions. They’re searching for the way to make their children’s dreams come true. They’re searching for safety, hope, passion, and truth.

There’s nothing wrong with tracking numbers so long as you don’t forget who you’re serving. You need the numbers to make guesses, but you need the people to make meaning.

If you only serve the numbers, then you’ll be as faceless as the most faceless corporation and just as meaningless as click bait articles.

See the numbers but serve the people.Tweet: See the numbers but serve the people. @mindfitmove http://ctt.ec/Vt537+

You might have a smaller list, but you’ll have a bigger heart.


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