You Are Whole

Recently I was talking to a client who was plagued with anxiety. She was worried about money, about her future, and just couldn’t seem to let herself relax. As she described her concerns I watched her brow knit itself into deeper and deeper furrows until the pain she was feeling was painted plainly on her face.

When she was done, she took a deep breath and sat back. She looked as if she had just unloaded a huge burden. And now she was looking at me with an expectant gaze, hoping that like some magician of mindfulness I was going to solve all of her problems.

All I could think, was what the hell am I supposed to tell her? I felt stressed, my palms were sweaty, and the pain she had just expressed was now weighing on my heart.

As I sat there caught in my own doubt I noticed that my mind was deciding that there was something wrong in this moment. My mind was telling me that I should give her a solution to her problems. It told me she was broken and that I needed to fix her.

Then in the very next breath I remembered that I don’t believe in broken people. I believe that we are whole beings from birth to death.

As my mind shifted I saw that I wasn’t looking at a broken woman instead the woman in front of me was bright, vibrant, successful, and beautiful. I wondered to myself: What could I possibly do or say to make her more amazing then she already is?

It’s so easy to see all the problems in ourselves and in those that are closest to us. And yet, our most powerful experiences of beauty come when we fully accept and appreciate something that is created from inherent perfection.

Take the Grand Canyon for example. Can you imagine improving on it? Can you imagine engineering something quite so sublime?

The Grand Canyon is perfect, not because it fits into some model, but because it was shaped through huge and powerful forces.

And the same is true of you. No matter what flaws you have, no matter how much you need to grow, and no matter what obstacles lie in front of you, you are whole and complete lacking nothing.

So next time you find yourself caught in a sea of worry ask this simple question: In this moment what is lacking? And then instead of letting your mind fill with problems see if you can step into the space where you and this moment of your life is whole and complete lacking nothing.

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  1. Hi my friend,my name is Fred and very much enjoy your writings,I have been a seeker my whole life and humans like yourself I feel less alone in this beautiful,crazy world.(I meant to say with humans like yourself) always look forward to your musings on the state of humanity.Thank you Peace Fred!!

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