Life Is All About Being in a State of Constant Failure.

If you’re living well, if you have a purpose that challenges you, if you have a partner you find sexy, wild, and alluring, you will be constantly failing. Not because you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or likable enough.

You will be failing because you will be continuously pushed by your life, your purpose, and your partner to grow, evolve, change, and become more of who you are at your core.

This pull from life to draw you out is never ending. It shifts shapes. It changes directions. It is a Rubik’s cube that rearranges its own colors.

The mistake most of us make is that we think that success is the goal. It isn’t.
Success is a momentary illusory escape from life. It doesn’t last. Nothing does.

Instead, the goal of life is to be fully at rest and sufficient in the midst of constant failure. To know you are good enough, worthy, incredible, unlike any being that has ever lived, and you are failing.

When you find the sufficiency of failure, you will also find the path to peace.


What Are You Willing To Create Bad Art For?

Most people would be willing to write a book if they knew it was going to be a bestseller.
Most people would be willing to go on a blind date if they knew they would fall in love.
Most people would even be willing to run into a burning building if they knew they could save a life and survive the experience with only minor injuries.

If the outcome is guaranteed the risk is minimal.

But choosing to do something, anything that really matters is risky.
In fact the more meaningful it is, the riskier it often becomes.

This is especially true of making art. Most people will never read this blog post. I doubt it will end up in the great books of history, but I’m writing it anyway.

I have a commitment to serve those walking the path of awakening: leaders, CEOs, working mothers, high school students. It doesn’t matter to me.

If you’re on the path I am committed to serving you.

I put in a few hours a week to write posts that will serve people on that path.
Some of them are not very good. Some are perfectly fine. Every now and again I write something truly transcendent and even then most people won’t read it.

I am willing to write bad posts that no one will ever read to serve my commitment.
I hope the posts are good, I try to share them with the world, I hope you’ll read them.

But my commitment is steadfast and enduring.

So the question is . . .
What are you willing to create bad art for?
What work are you willing to do even if it’s obscure and affects only a handful of people?
What are you willing to risk, to do something that matters?