Stop It!

Whatever problems you think you have. Whatever excuses you use. Whatever story you tell yourself for why you can’t dig deeper, grow bigger, write better, or feel satisfied. STOP IT!!

If you looked at successful people from the outside you’d think they were boundless, capable of achieving anything they want. But successful people just like the rest of the world put boundaries on their dreams and weigh down their hopes with the anchors of doubt and uncertainty.

You might think it’s easier to dream when you have nothing to lose and you’d be right. If you’ve achieved success you do have something to lose, but it’s not what you think.

A wine left open for too long loses its flavor. A knife that’s misused loses its edge.

Don’t put your genius in a drawer just because things are comfortable. Get out there and start cutting through the hard parts of life and yourself. Don’t just do what’s easy. Don’t just coast. And don’t use your stories to keep you from creating something extraordinary on a scale all your own.

I know everyone else is impressed by you, but so what. So what if you can’t wake up early. So what if you have kids. Don’t sell yourself short just because everyone else salivates over your mailing list numbers and LinkedIn profile.

Get out there and start kicking your level of ass.