Stop Chasing Ghosts

#BP Bird Soaring


Sometimes I can’t help but look at the window and sigh. There is something so breathtaking about life, something so simple, innocent, and wonderful. It is hidden behind so many corners if we can just stop and look.

And yet we don’t look. We get so focused on what’s missing, we get so focused on these paper thin thoughts in our heads, we get so focused on all the tiny points of light we call technology.

We spend so much time trying to improve a life that is already so full of so much bounty it’s amazing it doesn’t burst in every moment. We do this because we don’t understand. We don’t see that most of the time we are focusing on ghosts.

We keep hearing the ghosts of what our boss said. We keep thinking of the ghosts of future groceries we may or may not buy. We keep remembering the ghosts of fear and worry that keep us trapped in this endless cycle of reaching.

But when we put our hands out to catch these ghosts, we never touch anything. Their ethereal forms slip through our fingers like a special effect.

I know this because I find myself chasing ghosts all the time. I find myself thinking about them, putting on plays with them, and listening to them. But sometimes when I remember I can let the ghosts go.

And when they leave, what I am left with is a powerful sense of awe. Because just behind the veil of ghosts is a world that keeps me mesmerized.

Let go of your ghosts and instead open your heart to the world around you.