Spoiler Alert!

I watch the TV series Game of Thrones and it’s funny how upset I get when someone reveals some key details of an episode I haven’t yet seen. Then again most of us are like this. We don’t want to know the ending because knowing would ruin everything.

Yet we’re the exact opposite with everything else in our lives.

  • If we have a romantic interest in someone, we want to know if they feel the same way and if it’s going to work out.
  • If we create a project we want to know how it’s going to end up as soon as possible and if we’ll turn a profit.

Isn’t it crazy that when it comes to fictional worlds we want the suspense, but when it comes to our lives we want nothing more than to destroy the mystery?

If we want to live a life of wonder, it would be better if we focused on what it feels like to not know and learn to appreciate what it means to be with our becoming life. Sure the mystery is intense to sit with, but how much more exciting will it be to watch the show?