Be Ready

You never know when it might happen. You never know when your teacher, the love of your life, the perfect job, or the shimmer of wisdom you’ve been longing through will walk through the door.

Because opportunity doesn’t always look the way we want it to. It may be wrapped inside a tragedy, hidden underneath a failure, or veiled at the end of a challenging path. Because despite what you’ve heard about abundance or manifesting what you want, karma and it’s endless branches aren’t that simple.

Sure sometimes the light shines down and shows you the way, but more often then not you are feeling for the key on the grimy floor of your own fears and doubts. It’s never hanging on the hook where you thought you left it.

What makes life magical isn’t that we wish and our wish comes true. What makes life magical is that we wish, we work, and we arrive again and again at the one thing that stands in the way of our freedom. This thing that paradoxically also leads us directly to where we need to be.

This small, simple, and imperfect self.

This tiny, sublimated, and impermanent life.

This shallow breath and busy mind.

This is where we find the wisdom, the love, and everything else we thought we were missing.

So Be Ready

Don’t avoid this pain, this fear, this doubt, this hesitancy, this worry, this trepidation, this joy, this silliness, this quiet, this lovely complex life.

Instead, sip and savor.
Be ready for the drop that will quench your thirst.
Because it could come at any moment.