5 Little Things That Will Make You Happy

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5 Little Things That Will Make You Happy

1. Smiling – (It’s science. Or at least I remember someone telling me it’s science.)

For over a year I did smiling practice. I tried to smile whenever I remembered. I asked other people to help me by smiling at me to remind me to smile.

It worked! I felt better and people even started describing me as being a happy person. It may feel fake at first, but I’d rather be a little fake and happy, then a lot miserable and ‘real’.

2. Being Nice – (There’s some kind of rule about this, was it the nickel rule, no wait the copper rule :/ …)

Being nice is cool, but it’s not just about saving kids from starvation. Small acts of kindness work great. Open a door, carry some groceries, or even send a nice email. Start small and do it often. It will make other people like you and make you feel good.

3. Meditation – (Absence of thought, makes the mind grow fonder)

People think meditation is hard, because they imagine they have to stop their thoughts. But you don’t have to stop them you just have to watch them. In that way it’s less like herding kittens and more like spying on them.

All you do is notice where they go, notice when they appear, and notice when they go away. Start small with just a few minutes and remember that you can’t do it wrong. If you are noticing your mind is going wild, that’s it! If you are noticing you’re hungry, that’s it! The key is to observe without judgment.

4. Relax – (I’m a teepee I’m a wigwam I’m too tense!)

In general, we put too much pressure on ourselves and this is the reason we don’t get stuff done. It’s not because we’re lazy, it’s because we’re afraid. So just relax, follow your heart, work on what you care about, and even if you have to do things you don’t like try to approach it with a calm heart.
Life is too short to be so hard on yourself. Give yourself the space you need to explore and enjoy your life.

5. Create – (The inartistic life is not worth living)

For a long time I thought I wasn’t an artist, but when I rediscovered writing I realized that I simply was an artist who only works in a black and white medium. Everyone has a way of being creative. Often we give these creative endeavors up because if we are professionals what’s the point.

Well the point is that being creative is a birthright with a ton of benefits. It helps us become better thinkers, it helps us relax, and it helps us clear the cobwebs out of our brains. Pick something you love or even better pick something you think you might love and dive in. You never know what you might create until you get started.


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