Day 31: Challenge Recap

What it takes to be happy

Over the last 30 days we’ve covered a lot. We’ve talked about how to become more aware, how to take care of yourself, how to simplify, and how to have better relationships.

I know that I’ve learned a lot from your comments, questions, and writing, and I am so grateful that everyone, who joined the challenge and worked so hard to create happiness in their lives.

But of course everything must come to an end. As you can tell by the number on this email today is the last day of the challenge. If you’re reading this post CONGRATS! You made it!

It doesn’t matter whether or not you did every practice or read every post. What matters is that you set the intention to set aside 30 days of your life to create deep, lasting, and powerful happiness that lasts.

Very few people actually dedicate time to create happiness. They invest time into the things they hope will make them happy or into experiences they think they will enjoy, but rarely do they actually invest time into creating deep and lasting happiness by looking directly at their lives.

That’s the best way to create real life change. All you have to do is look, and things begin to shift.

What’s next?

You’ve spent 30 days digging into these 4 big areas of happiness and you’re probably wondering, what’s next?

Well, here are some thing I recommend you try to keep your dedication going.

1. Pick 3 big things and work on them –

As you think back on all the things you learned over the past 30 days, what 3 things stand out as the most powerful? Maybe it was the loving kindness meditation or perhaps it was decluttering.

No matter what practice stands out, take those them and delve deeper into them. Read more about those subjects, but most importantly experiment with different ways of adding them into your life.

You’ve dipped your toe into many waters, but the river is deep and you can learn a lot by just focusing on the 3 areas that had the biggest impact on your life. If you need more resources or have more questions about anything just drop me a line and I’ll turn you in the right direction.

2. Find a community –
Part of what made the challenge work was that a lot of people were doing it. There’s strength in numbers, and finding other people to keep going is hugely valuable.

If meditation was your thing, look around for a meditation group or Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class. If communication was your key, search for find an NVC practice group. Also my friend Lashelle offers amazing online workshops. If simplicity is your key I’d highly recommend you try the SeaChange program by my friend Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, which focuses on changing habits in a simple way. And if self care was your thing, I’d recommend in connecting with a local yoga studio that can offer a community of people into self care.

Of course I’ll keep the Facebook group open for anyone who wants to connect and stay in touch.

No matter where you find it, or create it, don’t go it alone. Find someone to support you and commit to practicing regularly.

3. Find a coach –
I’m coach, and I’ve worked with many coaches as well. Coaches are amazing at helping you focus on what matters and make a plan for changing your life.

The coaches I have worked with have helped me overcome long held fears, increase my confidence, grow my business, and so much more. Coaching really creates miracles and I’m living proof of that.

If you want to work with me, simply e-mail me at info[at], and I will set up a time to chat to see if we’re a good fit. I primarily work with high performing, successful people, who want to bring their best selves to everything they do. My coaching isn’t cheap, but the results are powerful.

I also know of other coaches who I’ve contacted and are willing to offer consultations to members of the program for free or at a reduced cost.

My Issue Is Anxiety –
Brain Coach Brad –  I was talking just yesterday with Brad about chronic stress and anxiety and how many of these symptoms I’ve seen in the people in this challenge. Brad specializes in helping people reprogram their brains to overcome anxiety and stress in a power way.

And he’s been kind enough to offer a free webinar to everyone who participated in the challenge on Overcoming Anxiety and Creating Happiness In The Brain – All you need to do is click here to sign up.

My Issue Is Confidence
Aziz (Social Confidence Coach) – If your issue is social confidence Aziz is the guy to talk to. He was a shy guy, who became a therapist and taught himself to make bold proposals and approach anyone he wanted to.
– You can go here to contact him about coaching –
– Or Here for a special offer and a way to get on his list –

My Issue Is Happiness
Rona Flori0– Is one of my former coaches who helped me change my mindset around success and be open to taking risks like creating this challenge. She coaches over the phone and has a growing business which makes her more affordable if you’re on a budget. You can reach her at at

4. Continue Writing and Reading –
Of all the things I’ve done that have helped me examine my own life, few of them have been more powerful than writing. Writing forces me to reflect, to be honest, and to be aware of what’s standing in my way.

I hope that as you move forward you will not only keep reading the tips I offer on my blog, but that you’ll keep sharing your own.

If you just keep investigating what your mind is doing I have deep faith that you will discover the causes of your suffering and be able to root them out.

I am happy to share my process with you, and I look forward to hearing how the 30 Day Challenge has affected your life over the coming months and years.

OK now for your final challenge:

Challenge #31

1. Practice –
Create a plan for how you are going to continue the work you started on the 30 Day Happiness challenge.

  • This plan should include:
  • The strategy you will use to employ one or all of the tips above.
  • Deadlines and timelines to help you keep on track.
  • An system for accountability via either public declaration or self imposed penalties and rewards for breaking or adhering to the plan.

2. Reflect –

  • As you look at your plan ask yourself the following question:
  • What are the biggest obstacles I will face as I put this plan into action?
  • What can I do now to mitigate these obstacles and create an environment of success for myself?
  • What lessons do I really want to take with me from this challenge?
  • How will I remember that?
  • What posts do I want to go back and reread?
  • What one practice do I want to carry forward?

3. Share –
Finally, share what you learned in one or all the following ways.

  • Blog – Write a post about the 30 day challenge, what you learned, and what you will take with you. Or share your plan to keep practicing.
  • Post – Using #30dayhappy or posting to our Facebook group. Share your top 3 lessons from the challenge you want to take forward.
  • Comment – Let me know what you thought of the challenge. What you loved about it or hate about it, by either taking the survey or sharing in the comments below.

Final Thoughts:
You have reached the end of this journey, but you’ve also just taken the first step. The journey of the next 30 days lies right beneath your feet. I’m so glad I shared this time with you, and now it’s up to you to take what you’ve learned and create the happiness for which you long.

You are totally capable of doing it. All it takes is curiosity, support, and a willingness to look deeply into your life.