Talking to a Man with a Hole In His Brain

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My Brain Has A Hole In It

Talking to a Man with a Hole In His Brain

An Interview w Stroke Survivor Gordon Viggiano

Author of  the Blog My Brain Has A Hole In It 

Recently I was lucky enough to have the chance to talk to Gordon and Jill Viggiano. Gordon is a stroke survivor who writes the blog “My Brain Has A Hole In It.”  

Gordon’s career included being a businessman, consultant, and entrepreneur. But all that was put at risk five years ago when he suffered a massive stroke. Since then Gordon and his wife Jill have redefined what success means and helped each other face each new challenge with courage and love.

During this interview we talked about their journey of recovery from a stroke which dramatically changed thier lives. Hopefully their story will bring inspiration to those of us who have faced, are facing, or will face dramatic challenges in our lives.

My Interview W Gordon Viggiano

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Interview Questions
1. Can you tell us a bit of your story, about what happened to both of you, what it was like immediately after and what it’s been like getting to where you are today?

2.Gordon you describe the experience of living in just the left side of your brain as feeling very present and satisfied. People often use mindfulness to try and create this state through practice.

3. Can you tell us how this experience has changed your perspective both on your own happiness and the things other people consider happiness.

4. Both of you talk about how faith and spirituality has helped you through your ordeal. What if anything about your experience has helped you gain a greater appreciation for your connection to god, the divine or absolute reality?

5. You’ve both undergone a significant transformation because of uncontrollable events, but have since worked hard to manifest real change in your life. What do you think or feel are the factors that help people transform their lives in a lasting way?

If you would like to check out Gordons Blog you can find it here.

If you are interestead in having him come and speak please contact him via his website here

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