How To Get Unstuck

Sometimes you feel like you’re on the edge of something big. You feel like the next phase of your life is so close but you’re stuck. You start thinking if you could only figure out what to change, then you’d charge over the line, but you have no idea what that is.

I’ve been here many times. I’ve wanted to cross that line so bad, I could taste it. But wanting to cross the line never works, because the line isn’t real.

The line is just a story you tell yourself. The truth is you’re afraid: afraid to show up, afraid to take risks, and afraid of discomfort. You tell yourself there’s a line. You imagine you’re on the wrong side of it. The line protects you from the harsh reality, that you can change whenever you want to.

But when you’re caught up in the line story, the line seems real. From your seat in the audience the woman looks like she’s been sawed in half. And that’s how you feel, like half of a person.

Luckily I know a magician and he taught me this trick for getting over the line.

Ask yourself, if I was across this line, how would I act? What would I do? How would I show up differently? Then start doing that.

You can never cross an imaginary line. But you can start showing up, asking the right questions, and taking the smallest steps you can imagine.

Or you can let the illusion hold you back.

The woman in the magic trick was never sawed in half. How long are you going to wait to be made whole?S