Phase 1 Recap

Hello Happiness Challenger!

Because I know there are lots of you who have likely fallen behind on the challenge I created this Phase 1 recap that will allow you to do 2 things

  1. It will summarize the basic concepts from Phase 1 in short form so you won’t feel like you’ve fallen too far behind to continue
  2. It will give you a chance to do all the Phase 1 challenges in 10 – 15 mins so you can get caught up.

So here we go:

During Phase 1 we talked about why awareness is important as well as looked at some of the major areas of awareness practice that can help you be happier. Here is a short recap of each of the Phase 1 posts.

Day 1: The Challenge

I created the 30 day Happiness Challenge because I want to help you be happier. You took this challenge because you want that too. Over the challenge we will cover 4 areas of happiness that I’ve identified are being essential for creating lasting happiness.

1. Awareness
2. Self Care
3. Simplicity
4. Relationships

Day 2: Awareness

I didn’t use pay attention to my life, because paying attention would’ve meant I had to change. But change is hard so I avoided it. The reason awareness is so important is because until you notice why you aren’t happy you can’t be happy.

Day 3: Breath

You have alot to pay attention to. And the more you have to keep track of the more stressed and less happy you’ll likely be. Which is why learning to pay attention to the breath is so powerful. It’s a simple and grounding activity that can teach you to focus and appreciate your life.

Day 4: Gratitude

Things in life can suck and things in life can rock. But one thing is for sure, if you don’t practice gratitude for the rocking things, you won’t be very happy. Which is why it’s essential to notice what you have to be thankful for and reflect on it often.

Day 5: Story

Your life is simply a story you tell about yourself. And it’s largely up to you what story you tell. Sure some stories seem bad, but you always have the option to tell a better story. It’s not that the bad story isn’t true and the good one is. They both have elements of truth and elements of delusion. It’s by being able to tell both stories that you become able to let go of the stories that hold you back.

Day 6: Support

You need people to be happy and chances are you know some amazing people. Take the time to thank them for being so awesome and appreciate them for who they are. Having people you love and loving the people you have will make your life much much much better.

Day 7: What Are You About

Your life isn’t about the job you have, your family role, or even your past. Your life is about what your heart calls you to do. Which is why the key to happiness is learning to listen to your heart while letting go of the outcome. A life led by the heart and planned by the mind is a happy one.

Day 8: What Are You Going To Do About It

Great things aren’t done by great people. Great things are done through great people. No one can live out your purpose other than the imperfect person that you are. The amazing things you will do in your life will not be done in spite of your flaws but because you are flawed. So embrace your flaws and make a plan that lead you towards the life you want to live.

Ok that was Phase 1: Now for the UBER CHALLENGE CATCH UP

Here is what you need to do to catch up on all of the challenges thus far

1. Practice –

Open a new word doc or take out a piece of paper. Number it 1 – 8. For each number write 1 – 3 sentences for each of the following prompts

  1. What is one thing you would like to get out of this challenge?
  2. What is one – three things you could do to be happier but don’t do very often?
  3. Take 3 Deep breaths – How do you feel? How do you think you would feel if you paused more often to take deep breaths especially when you feel stressed?
  4. Make a list of 3 things you’re grateful for and why you are grateful for them?
  5. Think back through your week. Pick an event you’d normally define as negative. Rewrite a short description of the event from a positive perspective
  6. Open your email, write a short email to someone telling them thank you, and send it.
  7. In one to 3 sentences write down what the purpose of you life is. Don’t think about it. Just write whatever comes to mind down as quickly as you can.
  8. Write down 3 things that you would like to do this year.

2. Reflect –

Ok now that you’ve done this mega challenge, look over your answers.

  • What did you learn from this exercise?
  • What stories or obstacles did you confront?
  • Were any of the questions hard or impossible to answer?
  • And if so why??

You can write about these if you want or just spend a few minutes thinking about them. It’s up to you.

3. Share –

Please share in one or all of these ways.

Blog – Write a blog where you share your list and one thing you learned.

Post – Post the answer to one or more of the questions that surprised you and why it surprised you. Or share a general reflection about the Phase 1 challenges. Remember to tag your post #30dayhappy or even better share it in our Facebook group

Comment – If all else fails leave a comment asking a question or sharing your thoughts on Phase 1. Tell me if you liked it or not and why.


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  1. Day 7 What Are You About was the hardest because I wanted it to be perfect. Eventually I had to just go with what I had and move on to the next challenge. Tell a Good Story was immensely helpful. It changed the entire way I approach certain situations.

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