My Clients Think Success Is Ordinary

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Who do I coach?

I coach people who are obsessed with greatness, long for deep truth, and are insanely curious.

I coach people who know that ‘success’ is just the beginning of an amazing life and not the destination.

I coach people who inspire me, excite me, make me laugh, and ask me to step up as a better coach in every extraordinary, life-changing conversation we have.

Most of these people are leaders of businesses, industries, tribes, and movements. I’ve worked with a VC in the Biotech Industry, a founder of one of the top design firms in Peru, a comedy promoter from Nashville, the top insurance salesman in Argentina, and a leading woman of color in the solar industry.

And a few of them are brilliant coaches who are on a mission to change the world. I’ve worked with the founder of one of the most successful online dating coaching websites in the US, a coach who’s articles have been read by hundreds of thousands, and a coach with degrees from both MIT and Stanford.

The one thing that ties all of my clients together is their love of growth and obsession with excellence. They understand that if they can continue to develop themselves in powerful and lasting ways, the success they create won’t just be ordinary and momentary, it will be extraordinary and exponential.

Here’s what some of my amazing clients say about working with me –

A Picture Of Leo Babauta “Toku is an amazing coach. He’s been like this insightful, compassionate friend who challenges me and encourages me all at the same time. Every time we talk he really listens, understands my problems, and helps me find solutions that work. He’s helped me get really clear on where I need to go next in my business and he’s helped me learn how to be a better man for my family as well as for my readers.”

– Leo Babauta, Creator of Zen Habits

(one of the world’s most popular blogs)

Since I’ve been working with Toku, I’ve experienced a more positive change in my life than I ever thought possible. I have all the love and happiness in my life that all the books are written about.

– Josh Sabraw – Fitness Expert/Personal Trainer

I came to coaching because I wanted to build a lifestyle around being the best I could be for my relationships and my start-up software business. In less than three months, I’m more productive while also having more space for myself and my life partner.

Toku provides a perspective on those problems that don’t seem to have a solution and gives me ideas I would never have come up with on my own.

– Monica Borell – CEO/Founder at Cardsmith

The Reasons Extraordinary People Work With Me

1. I don’t care how successful you are

Success is one of the main things most coaches talk about, but I don’t care how successful you are because success is just the beginning. Success is a powerful tool to create the life and impact you want, but it’s also limiting. The more successful you are, the fewer people you have in your life who will really tell you the truth.

Your peers are hard to open up to, your heroes are hard to get on the phone, and your followers are hard to believe because they’re always looking to you for the answers.

I don’t coach extraordinary people because I care about their success. I coach them because I couldn’t care less about it. I care about the kind of person you have the ability to become. I care about the amazing breathtaking life you want to create for yourself, your family, and your followers. I care about the kind of world we want to create for our children’s children to live in.

2. I ask tough questions

My clients hate me, but they hate me for the best reasons.

They hate me because I ask them the most difficult questions anyone ever has. My clients also love me because the answers to those questions are what changes their relationships, their confidence, their businesses, and their lives. The hardest thing to do in life and in business is to consistently ask tough questions and pursue the answers with every ounce of your being.

I ask those questions because I know that it’s in the pursuit of the truth that your greatest impact and joy can be created. What questions are you not asking yourself that you should be?

3. I love my clients

I can talk a lot about the tough questions I ask and the powerful ways I challenge my clients to be bigger, wiser, and more compassionate versions of themselves. But the reason none of my clients have punched me in the face (yet) is that everything I do reeks of love. I love my clients so much that I don’t give them what they want; I give them more than they ever thought possible.

4. I seek mastery

You seek mastery in your work and you deserve a coach who does the same. I pursue mastery as a coach for one simple reason, I love it.

There are a lot of things I’m pretty good at, a few things I’m excellent at, and a ton of things I don’t do well at all. But of all the things I’ve ever done, coaching is my jam, my piêce de resistance, the love of my life. It’s a practice I have and will continue to invest 12,000’s of hours in. I love it. I love the ever-loving crap out of it. It’s the reason I usually work with up to 3 coaches at a time and invest literally tens of thousands of dollars in it each year. I believe in the power of coaching to change lives and I spend a lot of time and money making sure I’m one of the best in the world.

How you can work with me:

When many people read this page they get really excited about talking with me. The bad news is that I often have a waiting list for conversations and more clients who want to work with me then I have time to serve them. But I’ve found that the people who are my people are willing to invest the time and patience it takes to work with a coach that is a real game changer in their lives and their businesses.

When you’re ready, we will talk, and your life will change.



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