You can keep not being ready all you want

Not being ready is one of our favorite things to do as humans. Entire industries, books, and economies are all based on the idea of getting us ready: for parenthood, college, the LSAT, and entrepreneurship. So why is it that we keep deciding we aren’t ready?

Because preparing feels good. It feels good to pack for the trip, and plan the itinerary, and look at the map. We get almost the same thrill, joy, and passion for the trip we’re going to take, for the adventure we’re embarking on, and the bright future we’re about to step into. All of this is much easier than actually stepping off the map in our hands and into the unknown. Because that shit is real, scary, and confronting as all get out.

Which is why you should feel free to keep not being ready all you want.

Just remember that not being ready never got anyone to the place where they were actually ready.

In fact, often the only way we get ready is in the moment of doing what we dare and being who we long to become.