Why Your Heart Aches (And Why It Makes You Stronger)

We all feel lost from time to time. I know I do. When I look down on my life from the outside, it all looks good. I’m running a business I believe in and have amazing clients who inspire me. I get to write about things that interest me, and I live a healthy life.

But on the inside I feel lost and sad. I feel like it’s never going to work, even though the evidence says otherwise. I find myself clicking around on the Internet looking for something that I’ll never find.

The truth is sometimes you just feel lost and sad. Sometimes no matter what you’ve accomplished, your heart aches. Maybe you feel like there’s something wrong with this feeling, that you need to “fix” it. But you don’t.

It just means you’re alive and that you care about what you’re doing with this short time on earth. It means that you want very badly to mean something and to help someone. It means that you’re afraid but don’t know how to admit it.

These moments never go away. They remind you that life is so much more than the appointments on your calendar. Life is this aching heart.

Your heart was made to ache, so be with it in the dark moments of the night.Tweet: Your heart was made to ache, so don't turn away. Be with it in the dark moments of the night. http://ctt.ec/2rXW8+ @mindfitmove