What’s Missing?

When something is awry, in breakdown, or unclear, we tend to go looking for problems or complaints.

Millennial employees don’t work very hard. The sales teams numbers are down. People won’t ever pay my new fee. The coaching industry is too bloated. This company doesn’t have any good assistants. There’s too much bureaucracy.

We tend to look for the what’s in the way. Instead of the gap. Instead of what’s missing.

But moving things out of the way can be hard. People are people and their humanity get’s ALL over everything.

So instead of looking to move people, problems, and life out of the way, it’s easier and more effective to look for what’s missing.

Your understanding of millennials.
A compelling vision for the sales team.
Data on why clients aren’t paying.
The empty spots in the industry.
A way to create better assistants.
The power of the system.

If you look for problems you find them, if you look for what’s missing you find gaps, and gaps are the fuel of mastery, they’re how the light gets in.

Today I will notice all problems I ‘think’ see and look for what’s missing instead. I will wonder how to create what’s missing instead of fretting about how to ‘fix’ the people around me.