What you aren’t listening to? 

It is very likely that the people around you are saying something you’re not listening to. They are telling you what’s wrong with your leadership. They are telling you what you don’t want to hear. They are telling you what they want more of from you. 

But you aren’t hearing it. 

You aren’t hearing it because you are sure it isn’t true. 

Or if it is true it’s not your fault. 

Or if it is your fault it’s not your fault that it’s your fault. 

I see this in almost every single client I’ve worked with. 

Start up founders ESPECIALLY!!!!!

They love to talk about the reality distortion fields of Jobs, Musk, and Bezos. 

They don’t love to talk about the reality filters they all have. 

The filters that hide what could make them even better leaders and people. 

If you want to hear what you’re not listening to start here:

  1. Whatever the most common complaint people have about you, where are they right? Where could you show up more in that space? What’s missing? 
  2. What feedback do you dismiss, deflect, defend, or dissect regularly? Reflect on it and you’ll very likely find something there. 
  3. Find a quiet morning and ask yourself. What am I avoiding hearing? Write down anything that comes up. 
  4. Ask people, What have you been saying that I haven’t been hearing? What have you tried to tell me repeatedly that just doesn’t seem to be getting through? 

You don’t have to keep not listening. You can hear. You can become more. It won’t mean losing your power, it will mean becoming more powerful.