Welcome to Unexecutive

I was thinking about how to kick off this blog and as I did, all the regular advice came to mind: serve the reader, create a compelling story, solve a problem.

Except I realized that blogs don’t really do this (at least not how we normally think).

So instead of making grandiose claims, I decided to just be honest about what reading this blog will and won’t do. I offer this to you because in my experience honesty is one of the most valuable things you can ever receive.

So here goes:

1. This blog won’t change your life.

Words are great but they’re just words.

What creates change is action. If you read my blog, you’ll find questions that challenge your perspective and words that dare you to act.

But you’re ultimately responsible for whatever insights you have and whatever changes you do or don’t create.

2. This blog is not better than other blogs

It’s text on a screen. That’s it.

My ideas about the world aren’t especially unique or interesting.

What this blog will give you is who I am without apology. And I say that with full knowledge that I’m not better than anyone else. The one thing that might make me different is that I won’t hide how much I care.

I love you. And I’ll write like it too. If you read this blog, you’ll feel my love for you, your work, and your followers. You’ll feel my passion for coaching those who try to make the world a better place.

I may not be able give you a ‘better’ blog, but I can give you one I put my love into.

3. This blog won’t be consistent

I don’t care about being consistent, systems, or brand identity. I might suggest one thing one week and something totally different the next.

What I care about is helping you with your problems. I’ll give you my unmitigated observations and my tough questions in a spirit of service.

You’ll be the one who decides what you need to listen to and what you can ignore.

4. This blog won’t be based on science

I don’t find out about the problems facing successful people by reading studies or doing statistics. I spend most of my time talking to leaders in real life.

If you read this blog, you won’t get theories or supposition. You’ll get the real problems leaders like you face and the real questions and suggestions that sparked their innovative solutions.

5. This blog is pointless

I’m not interested in making points or building unifying theories, I’m only interested in one thing: Helping leaders, founders, and creators like you become better people.

Not for some altruistic idealism, but because I want to make the world better for me, my friends, and for the children I hope to one day have.

I’ll work my ass off to be innovative, interesting, and compelling in everything I write. I’ll bare my soul or make an ass of myself in order to help you, because deep down I believe that helping you lead bolder, create cooler, and serve more powerfully is good for me and the people I love.

It also happens to be good for you as well.

That’s it

If you want to get better at being a leader, at creating, and at being wise and kind, I’m going to try really damn hard to write guides that will do just that.

Some of these guides will teach you the skills you need to be more effective and some of them will be about the mindset you need to move forward with greater clarity.

I don’t know if I’ll succeed or not. But I do know that trying to help someone as amazing as you is worth the effort.

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