Wait Night Date Night # 10

I’d like to sit in bed and read poems to each other
The poems fresh in how we share them
Our own voices another form of poetry
Poems reading poems

I’d like to lay in the grass and stare up at the vast sky
You huddling close to me under a blanket
Stealing my warmth as you give me yours
We’d talk about the vastness of the universe and our own very short lives

I’d like to nap with you in the summer sun
Waking to a pool of sweat between our lazy bodies
The stickiness the only thing
Challenging the magnetic pull of our affection

I’d like to walk slowly through a park at night
Your hand through my arm
Talking about dinner and what your friend said to you
And what you might say back

I’d like to have memories of all this
These things that haven’t happened
And smile as we remember
What can’t be put to words

I’ve been told I have a streak of the romantic
Perhaps each day it makes me more foolish
And yet I’d like to find someone for whom being foolish was a vital aspect instead of a fatal flaw

I could just as easily be speaking of the earth
Or my own heart
And yet there may be a woman
For whom being like this

Brings a smile to her face
I may not have met her
I may never meet her

But once a week I sit
In patient love
With the divine feminine

I wait for the space for her to open
Inside me
As it may inside the world