Sometimes Things Just Don’t Work

There is this idea that many successful people have that everything has a solution. That if you could only get the right resources, will power, information, and strategy that every problem can be conquered. Every relationship strengthened, and every deal made.

But this isn’t the case. Sometimes things just don’t work and even worse, they don’t work for reasons beyond your comprehension.

Sometimes a deal goes south because the way you ask questions makes people think you’re judging them (even if you’re not). Sometimes a relationship fails because you remind someone of their father in a way that sets them off. Sometimes things fall apart for no reason at all.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a reason or take responsibility. But it does mean that you have to learn to accept that things won’t work out. You learn what you can and you move on.

This is hard if you love to solve problems, but it essential if you’re going to keep stepping outside of what is comfortable into a realm of mystery and curiosity. Because this is the realm, where growth becomes possible and the mysterious becomes known.