The Fire-Breathing Buddha: an Interview with Toku

Toku’s friend and fellow coach Nathan Seaward interviewed Toku recently for The Nathan Seaward Show: Personal Conversations with Powerful Men.

This is a deep and personal interview that gives you an interesting look into the many facets of Toku, and the complex energy that drives him.

In the interview, hear more about:

  • Toku’s overwhelming persistence and where it comes from.
  • His childhood of significant cultural shifts and flexibility, and the loneliness associated with it.
  • His time of drug use and how it regulated his deep emotions.
  • Toku’s understanding and embracing the shadowy parts of his personality.
  • His study in the Zen Buddhist Monastery, the “One Bright Mind” and the concept of taking refuge.
  • “Nothing survives the crush of impermanence.”
  • Toku’s personal koan.
  • The Dark Side and becoming the most whole version of oneself.
  • “The line between anger and determination is very thin.”

You can listen to the episode here: