The feelings are the same

The feelings are the same

That first kiss climbing the last few rocks and being struck by the view saying just the right thing on a coaching call

Remembering the old love feeling your sore knees fear that your business will fall apart

The feelings are the same there are subtle differences of course changes in the mixture

a few more hormones here a little more strategy there

but the feelings are so similar though the content changes

professional despair feels like the despair of being alone forever the exhilaration of adventure in love or in nature

the deeper I look the more the same I find

and yet the content the ego finds a new home to hide in the fear finding a new mask to wear the joy putting on a new outfit the excitement in a new dish or drink

the rollercoaster can only ever dip and twist in a certain kind of way gravity always pulls down energy always flies up

the feelings are the same but the content tricks us into thinking that if we fix the content the feelings will change

despair in deep blue and hard grey excitement in bright yellow and vibrant green love in endless red and soothing purple pain in bright orange and stark black

the feelings are the same deep down underneath the thoughts is a human animal painting with its fingers