Overcoming Your Favorite Excuse

Everyone has a favorite excuse. Except normally you call them reasons.

Here are some of the ones I hear most often:

  • It will make things too complicated
  • It’s hard to find good help
  • I’ve never done it that way
  • I’m doing everything I can
  • But this is what got me here
  • That’s just how things are
  • This is just the way I am

It feels good to make these excuses because they let you off the hook. The problem is they also prevent you from seeing the blind spots and hidden opportunities within every obstacle.

Luckily working to overcome your excuses is pretty simple (though not always easy). The trick is to notice whenever you’re using one of your favorite excuses and look closer at what’s really going on.

Finding Your Favorite Excuses

Think about the things you say most often about yourself and your business. Think about the complaints you make on a regular basis. Think about those little things that always seems to be getting in the way.

Make a list in your head or on a piece of paper.

Looking Deeper

Every time you catch yourself using one of these excuses: Stop. Take a deep breath. Let out a sigh.

Now look at what’s actually going on:

  • What if this wasn’t true?
  • What if this wasn’t the way you were?
  • What if you could get what you want, without having to do what you did before?

Dispute your excuses like a college debater, like a lawyer arguing in front of the supreme court, like Mario fighting Bowser in the final castle. Push them until you see them for what they are, the comforting stories that keep you from revealing the truth.

Pretty soon your favorite excuse may become the reason you discovered something new.

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