How to Be Vulnerable

You’re always surrounded by people, you have access to a wide array information and communication channels, and it’s easier to travel than ever before.

So, why do you still feel alone?

It seems like no matter what you do, there’s a thin layer between you and the world that can’t be pierced. Maybe the gets more penetrable when you drink with your friends or when something tragic happens. But most of the time it’s there even if you choose to ignore it.

You feel alone for the same reason so many of us do: because you don’t know who you are.

Despite everything on your Facebook profile and your resume, you’re actually hiding deep inside yourself. You’re worrying about appearances. You’re concerned with whether or not people will like you. And that’s normal.

But if you don’t start showing up and revealing yourself, you’ll always feel alone.

Connecting depends on your ability to be vulnerable. Intimacy relies on your ability to know your heart and share it with someone in your life. And having a real relationship means showing up as your whole, messy self again and again.

Until you’re ready to take that risk, you’ll always feel alone.

Creating connection isn’t a singular event. It’s a lifelong practice of daily revelation, which is exactly why it’s both so powerful and so difficult to maintain. Despite the challenges it’s completely worth it.

Tweet, When you rub against the rough edges of another’s life, it smoothes the excess edges from your own.Tweet: When you rub against the rough edges of another's life, it smoothes the excess edges from your own. @mindfitmove


So stop hiding. Stop pretending your success makes you immune from your flaws. Instead embrace who you are so that you can truly embrace another and whether you find yourself in the arms of a dear friend or a sweet lover, remember this. We all want to be seen and loved, not in spite of our flaws, but because of them.