What if ?

What if you stopped focusing on everything you haven’t achieved and just felt really good about everything you’ve done?

What if you stopped comparing yourself to all the most amazing people in the world and just felt happy with the high level you’ve achieved?

What if you didn’t worry about your email, your P&L, and your churn rate tonight and instead were just totally present with your partner, your children, your pets, and yourself?

What if you went outside and watched how the tree’s blow in the wind with the same wonder you did as a child?

What if you just trusted yourself and your team and the government and the universe?

What if you were just happy for no other reason other than just being happy?

What if the thing you think you can’t overcome, the thing you beat yourself up with, the dramas from the past, and the catastrophes of the future didn’t exist at all for just one little moment?

We are so attached to these thoughts. We are so attached to these stories. And though we can’t banish them forever, what if we could banish them for an instant? Seeing through the paper thin skin of their ghost-like qualities.

Leadership, creativity, innovation, wonder, and happiness aren’t fundamentally about brilliance, knowledge, money, or time.

They are about seeing what’s possible even when no one else is able to.
It’s amazing what becomes possible with just two little words, two tiny syllables, one tiny question.

What if?
What if?
What if?