Stop Moving Backwards - An Interview with Life Coach Jaclyn Costello

Have you ever waned to stop moving backwards, let go of the past, and really live your life?

This week I had the chance to speak with Jaclyn Costello from
I discovered Jaclyn when  I read her article “Now is the Time to Heal” on

We talked about what life coaching is and why it’s hard to change your life. At the end she shares a great exercise to help us let go of the past and start moving forward today.

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Interview Questions:

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1. Your website says you do Progressive Life Coaching, What is that and how is it different from regular life coaching or other types of self improvement work?

2. How did you get interested in working with people in this way?

3. Are their elements of mindfulness and fitness you use with clients? and if so how do you use them?

4. How can people transform their lives is a lasting way?

Jaclyn Costello Interview Mindful Fitness Movement

Jaclyn Costello Bio
I am a writer, professor, & life coach, living in Las Vegas, Nevada where I currently teach at UNLV and run my coaching business. I recently finished my first book of fiction (Artifact), as well as my first book of poetry (How to Be a Human)– both of which I’m sending out at this moment to potential publishers and agents.

After years of trial and error, I’ve chiseled down my life purpose to three things:

1) exploring the world, spirituality, love, and the far reaches of the human condition
2) expressing what I know through stories, novels, and poetry
3) helping others become empowered in their own lives, ease their suffering and fears, reach their greatest potential, create loving relationships, and achieve peace of mind

To read more about what I offer, come on over to Or to learn more about me as an artist/writer, visit All the best!

Finally I want to thank Jaclyn for talking with me. She was a pleasure to talk to and I really appreciated her wisdom and insight.

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Doing It Harder Makes It Easier

Doing It Harder Makes It Easier, Girl Running, MindFitMove, Mindful FitnessHow Obstacles Arise
My teacher Hogen Bays used to say whenever we set an intention, in that moment, all the obstacles to its completion arise.

Before you decide to do something there are no problems. For a long time I never really understood this. Then I started training for triathlons.

Tri Tri Again
Before I decided to start training for my first tri, my little commuter bike was fine. As soon as I needed to be riding 2-3 times a week, I realized I needed to get a better bike.

I also wasn’t a very strong swimmer before I started training. But that wasn’t a problem either. I had never needed to swim very far. All of a sudden, I was going to swim 1500 meters in open water. AHHH!

The more I trained the more obstacles seemed to arise. I got shin splints, then IT band syndrome. I had to buy new running shoes. My training partner got injured. The list went on and on.

Don’t Quit
Even though it seemed to be getting harder, I kept going. When I got to my first race, I was nervous. I’ll never forget the sound of the starting horn. Or the feeling of diving into the water.

I struggled with the swim. I did great on the bike except for falling once. The run just about killed me.

As I ran across the finish line, I realized what my teacher meant.

No Problems No Progress
Without all the problems I had to overcome I’d never have finished the race. If it had been easy, I wouldn’t have built up the resolve to keep going.

The world is not what stands between us and our full potential. The world is the path to our full potential.

MindFitMove Practice
Think of an obstacle you are facing in your life.
Write down how you would have to grow and what would you have to give up to overcome it
Then write down what you could manifest and who you would be if you did.

Speak Up
What obstacles have you faced and how have they helped you get where you are today?