The Internet Is Like A Dorito

Have you ever looked up from your phone only to realize that you’ve spent 30 mins researching what causes a rash. Or 40 mins watching short videos that added little else than vague amusement to your life.

The internet is masterful at offering us easy to munch ideas, images, and experiences.

It’s like a Dorito, most of the magic is in the coating. Once that’s gone, you’re left with an inferior corn chip with little texture or nutritional value.

We almost never do this in real life. Spending time walking down a street, noticing the architecture of buildings, spending time chatting with a store clerk.

Real life is harder, it’s 3D, it’s complicated, it’s messy. But the payoff is real.

It’s why spending time in nature is so healing. And why spending hours in the digital forest is so exhausting.

So the next time you notice yourself lost in the woods of pages and ideas, you might try going outside and being with yourself for a change.

It may not be as easy or immediately satisfying, but I guarantee it will change your life.


What does nature want?

I stand at the top of a hill staring down into the ocean Which pulls and presses at the smooth rock below This green-blue void has eaten away the earth

What does nature want?

The snow piles up on the back of ducks in a lake It weighs down the branches Of mighty proud oaks Until they crack and fall

What does nature want?

The rain falling endlessly turning earth to mud and green thick leaves cover every inch around me a wall of vines and chaos as unknown creatures slither through the cracks

What does nature want?

the stream whispering falling slowly over edges sprinkling the sunlight back up into my eyes the forest golden with the late day tiny bugs skitter across the surface

What does nature want?

You call me to come and play with you And yet threaten to kill me Like a friend with joy in one hand and a knife in the other enchantment and deep respect I know you want me to live To press my feet into your soil To spread my eyes across your vast openness To listen, with my rapt attention as you pour wind through everything around me Every moment I spend with you is both the answer and the question

What does nature want?