Why Losing Weight Is Hopeless and I Couldn’t Care Less

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Why Losing Weight Is Hopeless and I Couldn’t Care Less

When I look at the statistics. When I look at the numbers. It seems like there isn’t much point in trying. Sure there are TV shows and anecdotal evidence of success, but when you look at the studies it’s hopeless.

The Facts

One commonly cited study states that 95.4% of overweight and obese people that lose weight will regain all or more of what they lost within 5 years.* That means that even if I train 100 people a year and I do a kick ass job, in 10 years the best I can hope for is to help maybe 40 people lose weight and keep it off. And really the number is less than that. Of those 100 people, only 60 to 70 will stick through the whole program. That means that in 10 years I may only help 24 to 35 people lose weight in a lasting way.

The Meaning of Life

If I told you, that you were going to spend all your time and energy over the next 10 years, pour your heart and soul into your work. And in return, you would only end up helping 24 – 35 people lose weight and keep it off. Would you do it? I mean I know I want to help people, but I could be feeding starving children. I could be helping to cure cancer. I could be handing out condoms and clean needles.

Why Train?

So, why would I put my energy into training, when it may have such a small impact? Should I do it so I can build a few six packs, brag about my squat, and go to work in sweats? Should I do it because personal trainers often become mini celebrities to their clients? Should I do it because I get all the glory and they get all the blame? When they lose weight, the clients think it’s me. And when they gain it back, they think, it’s all their fault. And then the fitness industry tells them they gain weight because they’re weak and they lack will power. If only they’d listen to us and stick to our programs and diets and meal plans, then they’d be skinny like we are. Doesn’t that sound messed up to anyone besides me? And when I think about it why would I want to train when this is the message my industry sends?

Late Nights

So I thought about it. And I thought about it. Hell I even stayed up nights. And the only reason I can come up with is that I don’t care if you lose weight or not. I don’t care if you can run a 5k or not. I don’t care what you can bench. And I don’t care about what the fitness industry says. I don’t really care about any of those things. But what I do care about YOU.

Real Change

I believe deeply in the power of mindfulness and movement to help you live a better life. I believe it because I’ve seen it. I believe it because it helped me. I believe it, because I live that change everyday. And it’s not the change they’re selling you on TV. It’s not the change found in diet books and workout videos. That kind of change is their change. The real change. The change that matters. The change that sticks. That’s your change.

The Deal

I’ll make a deal with you. You can come to me to lose weight, but I won’t help you. Sure I can give you a plan but I can’t make it happen. I won’t promise you results. But what I can promise is something you can’t get from the Internet or from The Biggest Loser or from a CrossFit gym. What I can promise is a trainer and a coach who will listen and try his best to help make your life better. I won’t do it by telling you how many pushups to do, by helping you get a six-pack, or shape a yoga butt. I’ll do it by helping you see into your own mind. And by helping you accept that who you are deep down, is beautiful, kind, and loving. I promise I will do my best to see that in you and to show you what I see.

I Don’t Care

Because I don’t care about statistics. I only care about the person right in front of me. The person reading this blog. Or the person who is looking me in the eye. In all honesty, I can’t promise you the world, but I can promise I’ll do my best to be here and to help you be here too.

Question: What do you think about losing weight and fitness industry claims. Are the statistics right or misleading?

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