I Used to Want a 6pack, Now I Want to Change the World – My Interview w Galo of TMP

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My Muddy Buddy

I Used to Want a 6pack Now I Want to Change the World
– My Interview w Galo Of TMP

Today I had the change to talk to Galo whom I met at the WDS festival in portland. We talked about handstands, making moves, and how he went from wanting 6pack abs to wanting to change the world.

I hope you enjoy what he had to say as much as I did.

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Interview Questions:



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I Used to Want a 6pack Now I Want to Change the World – My Interview w Galo Of TMP from Samuel Gentoku McCree on Vimeo.

  1. On your site you talk alot about how to make moves. Can you tell us a little bit about what making moves means to you and why you think people should start making moves in their lives.
  2. You recently attended WDS in portland oregon. What lessons did you learn that you found most valuable.
    What how do you think they will help you help others get more active.
  3. You mentioned in one of your emails to me about toying with the idea of mediation and about how you think of exercise as a moving meditation. What helps you look at exercise in that way and how do you think people can learn to blend mindfulness and exercise together.
  4. How do people transform their lives in a lasting way? What are the main factors that contribute to the transformation and how can people generate and improve those factors?

Galo is a crossfit coach at Crossfit Hoboken. He left his job in life insurance 2 months ago to become a wellness coach and movement advocate. His site themovementproject.net helps people escape the confines of normal fitness. He strives to help people move well and live well every day of their lives.

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