How to Find Peace in an Endless Project

With a big project, sometimes it feels like you’re working on it endlessly. It’s the first thing you think about in the morning, and it’s the last thing you think about late at night.

The project compels and consumes you. It eats up all your spare time and feeds you on a diet of stress.

With a big project, this will always be true. Our brains have no off switch for things that matter. But that doesn’t mean you have to become a slave.

How you act is the one thing you do have control over. If you jump to attention every time this beast of a project stirs, it will only get hungrier. If you follow through every time a task appears in your head, then the tasks will come more often.

Whatever the beast does, you are still in control of your own mind, and your mind doesn’t have to become a slave to the project. You don’t have to wait until the project is over to find the mental peace that you seek. It is always there for you to give as a gift to yourself.