Stop Struggling

Life doesn’t have to be hard, but sometimes we think it does.

Maybe we’ve seen other people struggle and so we think we need to struggle too.Or maybe you had a hard time growing up and you think that maybe life is always like that. And so when things get easy you feel like somethings off.Or maybe you equate struggling really hard to doing your best and you think that if things are happy and easy it means you are slacking off.

But life doesn’t have to be hard. Sure sometimes it is and there’s nothing we can do about it. But sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes we just need to relax and enjoy life. We need to just breathe and smile and appreciate how lucky we are.

So on this friday, one of the first of this glorious summer, try and let go of one thing you feel like you have to struggle with. And instead embrace the simplicity of just enjoying what’s around you.

Look at the stars, lay on the grass, chase fire flies, and be alive.

You never know how long it’s going to last and it’s too precious to miss because you were working so hard to make it amazing.