Why You’ll Always Wonder

Sometimes you know what you want. You decide to do it, and then you get to work. You work hard, putting in long hours. You tell yourself the payoff will be worth it.

Then the stars align, and you discover you have what you want.

But something’s missing. You don’t feel the way you thought you should. So you go back to the drawing board.

Sometimes you have no idea what you want. So you decide to start on something. You experiment, test lots of ideas out, and you tell yourself that this is part of the journey.

Then the stars align, and you find something that works.

But you find yourself staring up at the ceiling at night wondering if this is where you meant to end up. You’re not sure if this is what you wanted. What if instead of exploring you had started out with a plan? So you go back to the drawing board.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you know or if you just started exploring. There will always be a part of you that wonders whether it’s right.

This doubt is a side effect of freedom, of choice, and of autonomy. You’ll always have the space to wonder, what if I had done things differently?

So the question isn’t what path have you taken to get here.

The question is, who can you help now that you’re on your way?