Why Your Work Matters

A wonder anyone starts a business with all the work it entails (and not the fun kind).

When you have a job you work hard, but you’re never on the line for it. It’s always someone else’s risk, someone else’s dream, and someone else’s dime you’re working on.

But when you start a business – or a blog, or a project – suddenly that buffer is gone and it’s all you out there. It’s all you, naked and exposed to the world.

We might as well just rip our hearts out of our chests and put them on our business cards. If you don’t give yourself fully to your business, your product, or what you create, then you’re robbing from yourself.

Tweet, What you create at work is a part of you.Tweet: What you create at work is a part of you. @mindfitmove http://ctt.ec/1m12h+

It’s up to you if you’re going to choose between hiding behind a pop-up ad or boldly standing as yourself, naked, afraid, and ready to serve the people who need you the most.