Build A Future You Can Be Proud Of

You always say you want to change your habits, get more leads, write a blog, create a lovely home, and have better relationships. But you struggle to make these things happen.

Then you look around and try to figure out why it isn’t happening. You think, “Maybe I just don’t have the right information.” So you go off and read another book.

You think, “Maybe, I’m just not motivated enough.” So you listen to Tony Robbins to pump yourself up.

You think, “Maybe, I’m just too busy.” So you tell yourself that you’ll get started when things slow down (which they never do).

“Maybe,” you think to yourself, “Maybe…”

The capital T – TRUTH
The only thing that’s standing between you and change is consistency.

You can make all the excuses you want, you can look for better information, or you can try to find a hack, but nothing – and I mean nothing – will help you be more successful in life and love than putting in the unglamorous and consistent effort.

It’s less about the one big day you make it and way more about all the little days you wake up and do the work, even if you don’t think you’re making any progress.

Stop looking for shortcuts. Stop making excuses. Instead decide that tomorrow you’re going to wake up and get to work. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you’ll make.