Your Vulnerability Superpower

It’s taken me a long time to understand that vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength. I’ve found my ability to step into vulnerability has helped me become more courageous, wise, resilient, focused, and powerful than I ever thought possible.

Vulnerability is not a state of being; it’s a practice. It’s a series of small acts and microseconds that create powerful connection and builds amazing levels of character.


Here is what I do to practice vulnerability on a daily and weekly basis:

1. Do things that make you uncomfortable. Your comfort zone is largely defined by your willingness to push the edges of it.

Which is why you should regularly do things that make you feel uncomfortable. Not unethical things or stupid things, but simply things that ask you to step up in a whole new way.

When you step into your edge you naturally step into your vulnerability.


2.Tell people what you don’t want them to know about you. Sometimes I play this game called, “What I don’t want you to know about me”, where I share something vulnerable with someone I’ve just met. I play it because I find that I often hide myself when talking to others.

It’s easy to feel safe when you hide, but it’s hard to be seen. If you want to learn to be vulnerable, then learn to reveal yourself and your true intentions to others.

3. Make eye contact. Making eye contact is weird because it feels very intimate. Making eye contact is powerful for the same reason.

Look at people in the eye when you talk to them. Smile. Be there with them. There are few things as lovely and beautiful than a heartfelt conversation had eye to eye.

4. Take a long hard look at yourself. Vulnerability isn’t just about interacting with others. It starts with how we interact with ourselves.

Simply begin by admitting to yourself when you feel something powerful like anger or sadness. Admit to yourself when you’re caught up in a story or judgement about someone else.

When you’re able to see what you’re feeling and who you really are, you’ll become much more capable of revealing that to yourself as well.

5. Give hugs. Because hugs are awesome.