This Simple Moment

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This Simple Moment

I stood there letting the water wash over my body. I could feel the stream of warm liquid course over my back. I could hear the drops patter onto the shower floor. The pressure of the showerhead created a low and slightly oscillating shhushhshhhh. And here was this body feeling the sensations of being alive.

I turned around and cupped my hands, waiting for the plumbing and gravity to do its work. When my hands were full, I lifted the water up onto my face and closing my eyes, I let this silky cloth of warmth fall slowly over me. I took a deep breath and let it all the way out.

You see it’s very simple.

Not life. Life is complicated and confusing and scary and frustrating. But this moment. This moment is simple.

In this moment, everything can just fall away, like water falls away from your face.

In this moment, you can find a space in between everything else that can be a refuge in almost any storm.

In this moment, you can find a simplicity that’s more quenching then the coldest water.

So stop and be still. Stop looking for a better moment. Instead, look for the simple joy where you are right now.