Life Is All About Being in a State of Constant Failure.

If you’re living well, if you have a purpose that challenges you, if you have a partner you find sexy, wild, and alluring, you will be constantly failing. Not because you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or likable enough.

You will be failing because you will be continuously pushed by your life, your purpose, and your partner to grow, evolve, change, and become more of who you are at your core.

This pull from life to draw you out is never ending. It shifts shapes. It changes directions. It is a Rubik’s cube that rearranges its own colors.

The mistake most of us make is that we think that success is the goal. It isn’t.
Success is a momentary illusory escape from life. It doesn’t last. Nothing does.

Instead, the goal of life is to be fully at rest and sufficient in the midst of constant failure. To know you are good enough, worthy, incredible, unlike any being that has ever lived, and you are failing.

When you find the sufficiency of failure, you will also find the path to peace.