How To Walk Your Talk Like A Sasquatch

People talk a lot about how deeply intuitive or psychic or helpful they are. And that’s fine. I totally believe that people are intuitive, and I’ve had mystical experiences that can’t be explained by rational thought.

But mostly I’m really turned off when people say this to me, not because I don’t believe them, but because I really don’t care what they tell me. I want to know what they do with it. I want to see what action they take.

Stop talking to me about how intuitive you are or how deep you coach or how powerful you serve and just start doing it. If you are intuitive, then do it. See deeply into things and serve people powerfully with it. If you’re a deep coach, then coach deeply. If you’re an amazing consultant, then consult. Give amazing information and provide amazing value.

Talk is so cheap and so inexpensive. We say things all the time that we can do or are going to do or want to do. What really matters is what we actually do and how we actually affect the lives of others.

Stop talking about it. Stop telling people about how amazing you are and just be fucking amazing. Then you won’t have to tell anybody, because they’ll know.