How To Catch Your Dreams

I have a simple question for you: what are you chasing?

Is it fame, money, love, hope, peace, health? I know it’s something. You spend most of your life chasing something with the hope that someday you’ll catch it and find relief.

Sometimes you do. Sometimes you get that cool cone of vanilla ice cream, but then you realize it’s melting and you have to eat it. So you eat it and then you realize you need something to wash it down with. And there’s a lesson here.

No matter what you’re chasing, remember it’s not about catching what you seek. That’s just a tiny sliver of the experience.

Life is all about how you chase. It’s about taking a deep breath and running as hard as you can at the thing you want to create for the world.

It’s about taking a deep breath and sitting right where you are, because you realize what you wanted was here all along.