Punch Drunk Mindful – 5 Life Lessons I Learned From Boxing


Punch Drunk Mindful – 5 Life Lessons I Learned From Boxing

1. Move and attack

In boxing, I’ve learned to step on every jab. The reason is that your target is rarely standing still and it gives your punches more power.

In life, if there is something you want to get, you can’t just stay in one place while you throw out ideas and words. You have to move forward. And just like in boxing moving forward means risk.

But if you stay still, you won’t hit your target, and risk will find you anyway.

2. Don’t Forget To Breathe

Breathing is emphasized in all sorts of traditions to calm you down or connect you to the body. But in boxing, breathing out on every punch does more. It generates power and it creates a solid core to move from.

As you move through your life, don’t forget to breathe, to let go, and to reconnect with that solid core in everything you do.

It’s important to remember that breathing isn’t just about being calm. Breathing is also about being strong.

3. Less is More

Throwing big punches is a losing strategy because they are easy to see and they waste energy. The key is mostly small punches with a few haymakers thrown in.

Life is not a series of big actions. Instead, it’s a series of little actions that can build into something great. Don’t lose sight of these essential little steps.

4. Keep Your Head Down

As you punch or move forward in boxing people have a tendency to stand up and lift their heads. But as you stand up you become an easy target with a loose ball on top. Instead, you have to stay low and keep your head down.

When you move too fast in life, you end up over thinking or worse getting cocky. Instead, try to be humble and keep your eyes on what’s in front of you. This way you can stay connected to who you are and what the purpose of your life is.

5. Keep Punching

There comes a time in every boxing class or match where you have to keep punching. You’re tired, you’re sore, and you want to go home. But you have to keep going.

These moments define our lives. The moments where we don’t think we can go on and we do anyway. But these moments aren’t about punishing ourselves. Instead they are about letting go of the fear of failure and trusting the power of action.

When everything falls away, the deeds of this life last the longest. So no matter what you are facing keep punching, keep going, because moving forward with faith is almost always worth it.

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