Does this make my abs look good?: The Top 4 Male Body Image Issues

That Dude is as Ripped as a Coupon
When I go online and look at other trainers, I think ‘man I look like a scrawny wuss.’

This isn’t true. I’m actually in excellent shape. I’m not ‘ripped’ per se but I have very low body fat, I run endurance races, and am suprisingly strong for my size. 

Still I feel pressure to be leaner, more defined, and more muscular. I’ve considered losing weight, going on a more restrictive diet, or even increasing my workouts. I don’t really need to do any of this.

But it’s hard not to think about it when I see pictures like this all day long.

a guy with six pack abs, 6 pack abs, body image, mindful fitness, mindfitmove, what is sexy

So in honor of all my fitness brothers out there I give you:

The Top 4 Male Body Image Issues
Why they’re a big deal? and why they’re stupid?

6pack abs ad, ab enhancer, testing it out, body image issue, men, mindful fitness, mind fit move, mindfitmove, mindfulness1. I Don’t Have 6 Pack Abs –
Just search for 6-pack abs on Google and you get millions of results, thousands of tips, and hundreds of programs.

What’s the big deal?
6-Pack abs are hard to get and maintain. Thus, for many they are the holy grail of fitness.

6-Pack abs have become short hand for sexy. They are essentially the male form of cleavage.

Why they’re stupid?
To have a 6-pack you need 1) low body fat and 2) strong rectus abdominus muscles.

A 6 pack often requires stupidly low body fat. Which is fine unless you’re making yourself miserable then it’s probably not worth it.

As for muscles the rectus abdominus is only good for one thing, doing crunches. The other abdominal muscles do a better job of supporting the spine and core. So you’d be better off focusing on those for overall health and fitness

Jun Luc Picard with mustache, sexy bald guy, balding, mindful fitness, mindfitmove, mindfulness, body image, men2. I’m Balding-
Hair = youth = sexiness

Why it’s a big deal?
For many men balding is first sign of aging. It also brings up images of comb-overs, toupees, Donald Trump, and our fathers.  We think women don’t like balding men.

Why it’s stupid?
Many women like bald men. And there are many examples of attractive bald men, take Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc you sexy bastard). Balding is only awkward if you attempt to hide it.

not tall enough, you must be this tall, short guy, napoleon complex, mindfulness, accepting, acceptance, body image, mindful fitness, mind fit move, mindfitmove3. I’m Not Very Tall –
Height is one of the few features that is still socially acceptable to mock. As a compact human it seems like I’m expected to laugh along with the jokes. Making fun of fat people isn’t funny and neither is making fun of ‘short’ people.

Why it’s a big deal?
We are sold the image of a tall dark handsome man holding a smaller dainty woman. Even short movie stars are filmed to look taller. For many women and men height equals masculinity. Even my current partner said she wasn’t interested at first because I wasn’t taller than her.

Why it’s stupid?
You have no control over your height. There are plenty of women who won’t care. If you don’t make it a big deal, then it isn’t. Will some women not date you? Yes, but there are women you won’t date for equally silly reasons.

4. The Body Image Issue That Shall Not be Named
You know what I’m talking about . Guys worry it’s not big enough. Or that it abnormal in some way.

Why it’s a big deal?
Because you don’t know where you stand. You can read statistics, but it’s not the same. Because it’s a secret you worry.

Why it’s stupid?
If it’s exceptionally big or small it may be worthy of note. But realistically you’re probably average. If you do fear inadequacy, then develop other skills. Whether it’s true or not, it can’t hurt to have good ground game.

MindFitMove Practice

  1. Find a big mirror, full length if possible.
  2. Take off all your clothes.
  3. Take a nice long look at your body.
  4. Notice your critical voice arising.
  5. Notice the areas of negative focus.
  6. Then focusing on those parts one at a time.
  7. Tell them how much you appreciate them.
  8. Talk to them like underappreciated workers.
  9. Put your clothes back on.
  10. Look in the mirror and say,
  • I am a sexy man.
  • I am attractive.
  • I am not my body.
  • When I die, I want to be remembered for what I did, not how I looked.

Remember No one’s tombstone is inscribed with.
Here lies John. He died 6 foot 4, with a six pack, and a full head of hair.
There is more to life then looking good.

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