The Past and Future of MindFitMove

Over the last 2 and half years I’ve been writing this blog all about how to live a more mindful life.

At first the blog was focused on exercise and mindfulness. Then I sort of stopped writing about exercise, mostly because I lost interest in it myself, and the blog became a general mindfulness blog. Even more recently I shifted my focus to teaching you to use mindfulness to create lasting happiness.

But during the 30 Day Happiness Challenge I realized that as interested as I am in happiness, it’s not really what I want to write about. I met so many of you struggling with depression and anxiety. I heard your pain and wanted to help, but I felt stuck, because I’ve never dealt that much with depression and anxiety.

Yes, I’ve had times of depression and have felt fear, but it’s not the same as what many of you have experienced, and I felt a bit at a loss. I wanted to help, and I think mindfulness can help, but I’m not sure it’s my mission. I’m not sure it’s the work I’m called to , and I know I have to listen to that.

So over the past few days and weeks I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching about what I want to write, who I want to write for, and the change I want to make in the lives of my readers. And as I did this soul searching I realized that while I love this blog I need to make a change.

I need to let go of this vehicle that carried me up to this point and create something new that speaks to work I’m being called to do.

What does that mean?

It means is that within the next few months I’m going to be retiring the MindFitMove blog and domain to launch a new blog and site around my more clearly defined mission and identity.

It also means I’ll be shifting the focus of my blog slightly to fit into this new container. I’m doing this not because I’m bored with what I’m doing now but because I want to be true to the mission I’ve grown into.

In addition to a new focus, here are some things I’m going to commit to as I make this shift:

  1. More Consistent Posting – Right now I post MindFitMove kind of at random. I try to do two posts a week, but I haven’t been solid on that. I want to be 95% consistent on my new blog by posting every Tuesday and Thursday without fail. This way you’ll know what you can expect from the blog and from me.
  2. Post In Your Mail – I used to put my posts in my emails to the list and I stopped this, because someone told me it was good marketing. I’m going to return to this format so that you don’t have to click on my site to read the post. Instead you can read them straight from your email. I’m doing this, because I want to make the process of reading as easy as possible for you.
  3. More Research – I’m going to start doing more research for the blog so that the posts aren’t just stories but have some scientific meat behind them. I want to give you more than anecdotes and real substance along with a sense of humor and my own vulnerable experience.
  4. More specific topics – I’ve covered a lot of ground at Mind Fit Move, and this made the blog hard to follow. With my new blog I’m going to focus on just a few areas. Right now I think I’ll be writing about personal and professional performance. Specifically how to improve your relationships, your work, your mind, and live the life of your dreams. At least that’s what my thoughts are right now, but of course this will change as I work to define my new direction.
  5. Simpler cleaner design – I’ve been dragging my feet on paying someone to design a site for me and I’ve decided I need to bite the bullet and spend the money. It will cost me a bit up front, but I know it will improve the readability and loading speed of the site. My hope is that a better design will make the experience of reading my blog and using my site more enjoyable.
  6. More Joint Ventures and different kinds of content – I’d like to connect more with other amazing bloggers to bring you more types of content including videos and challenges. I also want to create some simple home study courses you can use to help work on specific area’s you’re struggling with. (Note: This is probably 24 or more months out)
  7. A whole lot more
    – One of the things I know this renewed focus will help me do is have more engagement with my readers and provide content that changes lives. It’s been a hard choice to retire the name and brand I spent so long creating, but I know in my heart it’s time to move on to something simpler and more in line with my work.

Final Thoughts

For now nothing much will change. I’ll still be posting on this blog regularly and the site will still be up. In fact it will likely take me longer than a couple months to make the change to the new site. Having said that I want to let you all know I have been and continue to be very grateful for your support and honesty.

So many of you have shared your lives with me and I’m honored that you let me share mine with you. It has been a great pleasure writing this blog for all of you and I hope that if you continue to enjoy my writing, then I can count on you to support me through this period of transition.

Thank you for being the most amazing readers anybody could ever have. I might be biased but I think you all rock an overwhelming amount.



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