4 Ways Changing Your Life = Better Sex

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4 Ways Changing Your Life = Better Sex

Changing your life is hard. It takes a lot of motivation to go from where you are to who you want to be. Sex is one of the most powerful motivators we know, yet so few people talk about how changing your life can benefit you in the sack.

1. Courage –

Change takes courage. Most people settle for an unsatisfying life because it’s familiar. Even if it sucks, they are afraid that something new might be even worse.

If you want to change you have to let go of the familiar and embrace the unknown. In that unknown is possibility for both fame and fortune or shame and ruin. Change asks us to swallow our fear and take a leap of faith.

Great sex also takes great courage. The worst lovers are the timid ones. The best lovers are the ones that are willing to take risks with gusto.

I’m not talking about taking risks like sleeping around or having unprotected sex. I’m talking about taking risks like talking openly about sex. I’m talking about being willing to say what you like and ask your partner what they like.

It’s funny that we are unwilling to talk about something so much of us do. Perhaps we are afraid we will find out we are horrible lovers. So instead of finding out how to be better we simply suffer silently.

When we have the courage to talk about sex, we often find a way to make things hotter for everyone involved.

2. Creativity –

Embracing change requires creativity. Doing the same ole same ole is easy. You just go to work, do your job, and collect your check. But if you want to live a different way, you have to get creative.

Change means trying new things and learning from your mistakes. You have to regain your sense of imagination and play. Because that’s what making change is all about.

Of course creativity has amazing benefits for you as a lover. The best lovers are inventive and imaginative. They don’t get stuck doing it one way, one day a week, for the rest of their lives. They seek out novelty and innovation. They develop new skills and better foreplay.

A little variety can spice things up quite a bit. And creativity can make your life an adventure during the day and during the night as well.

3. Curiosity –

Changing your life demands curiosity. If you aren’t curious you just accept things as they are, without asking questions. Changing you life is all about turning yourself into one big question.

Every great transformation begins with a question.
It could be the question:
How can I make my dream a reality?
Or How can I help people?
Or How can I travel all the time?

Every great question leads to other questions. And by always asking your life becomes the answer.

Because amazing sex demands amazing curiosity. Being curious will turn you into a macdaddy or macmomma in bed fast.

There isn’t one simple technique or skill you can learn that can make you an amazing lover. Every person is unique and what makes someone toes curl is just as unique . The only way you are going to figure it out is to by being curious.

Amazing lovers are always asking in speech and action:
How can I make this better for you?
How can I make this more exciting?
How can we help each other enjoy this more?

4. Confidence –

We can’t be sure what we are made of, until we are tested. If we spend all our time wondering ‘what if we went after our dreams?’ Instead of actually going after our dream we will never escape self doubt.

Embracing change teaches us to be more confident. And not only when we succeed. Surviving failure is one of the most powerful things we can do to build confidence.

When we fall flat on our faces and get up again we learn we can do it again.

Confidence also makes us amazing lovers. Confidence is one of the best aphrodisiacs out there and when it comes with creativity and curiosity it’s almost irresistible.

A confident lover is sure of what they want and knows they can give you what you want. Not because they already have you figured out, but because they’re sure they can figure it out with you.

Go Get It

If you still aren’t convinced that embracing change will make you better in the sack consider this. Who would you rather have as a lover? Someone with a stable job who always talks and dreams about doing something else, or someone who embraces change and goes after their dreams, even if the path is a little rockier along the way.

If we look into Pop culture we see so many example of poets, artists, and musicians with little to no money attracting desirable mates. Why is this?

If stability made for better lovers then accountant firms would be like Mad Men. But the truth is most people think passion is sexy. So stop living a boring life and go after your dreams.

Your current or future girl/boy friends and spouses will thank you over and over, I guarantee.

Question: What motivates you to change your life?


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