Be My Mindful Valentine

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Ok so to be honest I don’t really celebrate Valentines Day. I celebrate super amazing awesome girlfriend day. CSAAGD or Seesaw-gid as I like to call it has all the joy of Valentines Day, except with half the cost and twice the number of available restaurant tables. This is because CSAAGD is on the 15th of February.

I celebrate CSAAGD because while I think romantic love is pretty rad, I think that the commercialization of romantic love is a little silly. But no matter which holiday you choose to celebrate I think it can be an amazing opportunity to connect with that special someone (even if that special someone is yourself.)

And so, I’ve got a few simple non-monetary ideas of how you can make this holiday more connecting and less expensive. Without further ado, I give you.

Toku’s Top Ten Be My Mindful Valentine Guide

1. Keep It Simple –

There is a time and place for elaborate gestures, but it’s important to remember that it’s the normal everyday moments that are really meaningful. This doesn’t mean you should get a gift at CVS. But it does mean you should pick someplace special and unique to your life to spend the day, even if it’s not the fanciest.

2. Turn Off Your Phone –

I hate to say it, but this qualifies as gallant these days. If you want to use it for pictures, then put it on do not disturb. Or put all your apps on screen two except for the camera and vow not to swipe. Even better just leave it at home. Use this time to just be with someone completely for once.

3. Be Grateful –

Take turns expressing specific things about each other that you are grateful for. It’s not a competition, little things are just as sweet as big things. You’ll be surprised by how simple and sweet this can be. 

4. Say I Love You –

But only if you mean it. 

5. Eye Contact –

Make eye contact often. We do this when we first meet, but lose it over time. Making this effort again can rebuild that chemistry.

6. Go Slow –

Instead of planning a lot and rushing around, plan for leisure. Our lives move so fast that the closeness that comes from slowing down can be remarkable. Of course, you can apply this to every aspect of your evening just as well 😉

7. Reminisce –

We often lose track of the connection we used to have. Take time to remember all the good times as well as how you’ve matured.

8. Take a Walk –

Not only is it good exercise, but movement can often open a place of quiet vulnerability inside of us, that makes connection easier.

9. Listen –

More than anything else, the gift of listening is perhaps the most connecting of them all. Close your mouth, open your mind, and don’t forget to reflect what you heard.

10. Open Your Heart –

If you are willing and able, let go of your fears and defenses, and open your heart. Deep down there is a lot of love between everyone, if we are willing to make the space for it.