The 5 Foundational Principles Of

As you know I’ve been working hard on creating new content and a new vision for my project and as part of that process I’ve been thinking alot about the underlying principles or beliefs that make up the foundation of this project. Which is why I took some time over the past few days to craft these 5 foundational principles.

I wanted to share them with you to give you a sense of what the site is going to be and how I intend to show up and serve the people this site is created for.

If you have thoughts or feedback on these principles please email me.

And as always thanks for you patience and support as I make this transition.

Be Well, Toku

1. Success has its own specific challenges

There is a lot written about how to create success. There are blogs and ebooks, and courses galore about how to build an audience, grow a brand, and create a business that supports the life you love. Doing it isn’t easy, but there are plenty of good ideas to try out.

But very little is written and created for what you face when you get there. The truth is success has its own problems. You have to learn how to manage something bigger, how to keep your ideas fresh, and how to stay motivated and passionate.

When you got started everyone had opinions and advice. You listened to the best of them and then made it your own. But now that you’ve achieved success there are fewer voices. Fewer peers and mentors who have time to advise and push you. The problems become more subtle and harder to solve.

I created Unexecutive to help you solve these level 10 problems. To give you access to the voices and perspectives you need to keep growing no matter how big you are or how big you want to become.  

2. It’s about you –

In the beginning it was about the strategy, the product market fit, the idea, and the plan you created to get to where you are. But what got you here, won’t get you there.

Now it’s about you. It’s about the kind of person you are, the kind of leader you are, and the kind of character you have. Success doesn’t create a person’s character, it reveals it. And what it reveals isn’t always easy to see or change.

I created Unexecutive to help you hone the mindset and character that’s required to maintain your growth while also staying connected to that core of passion and service that got you started in the first place.

  Success doesn’t create a person’s character it reveals it.  

3. It’s about staying hungry –

Before you make it, hunger is easy. You want the nice home. You want the vacation. You want the freedom. You want to know you can do it.

But you did it and you know that wanting a bigger house or more money isn’t really enough to keep you going.

If you want to keep creating things that amaze the world, that delight your readers, and that satisfying your ever refining taste, You have to stoke the fire inside of you.

Unexecutive is a pile of kindling, lighter fluid, and newspaper designed to heat things up. You’ll bring the logs, I’ll provide the spark and together we’ll bask in the warmth.  

4. It’s about time –

When you got started it was all about the time you have. Now it’s about the time you have left.

You begin to see your life as a scope of work and you have to decide what to put in it. You have to decide which needle to move and how you’re going to move it.

I created to help you help you walk the line between unchecked growth and unrealized potential.  

5. It’s about the big things and the little things –

If you want to build a house you have to create the frame. You have to set the foundation. But once you’ve built it the focus changes. The details become smaller. What kind of light switches should you install. What kind of art should you hang on the walls.

Now that the framework is set, the small things matter more. They are the tiny things that make up your day as well as the kind of work you continue to create.

But sometimes there are cracks in your foundation. There are termites in your walls. The ground is shifting. And if you notice too late, if you’re too focused on straightening pictures frames in an earthquake you’re in trouble.

So it’s also about the big things. It’s about looking again and again at your assumptions, your why, and your big scary vision.

It’s about looking at kind of business and movement you’re creating but it’s also about looking at the kind of life you’re living for yourself and for your family.