The Incredible Strength of an Open Heart

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The Incredible Strength of an Open Heart

Small Heart, Big Heart

I used to think that caring about other people made me weak. I tried hard to keep people at bay, with a cynical attitude and an acerbic wit. But despite my attempts, people still squirmed their way into my heart.

I used to think this was a problem. But at some point, I began to realize that caring about other people didn’t make me weak. Instead, it made me stronger.

I saw that when I shut others out, my heart was small and weak. The more people I cared about, the bigger my heart became. And the bigger my heart became, the more it was able to hold.

I started to see that true strength didn’t come from being closed off. It came from being open without fear. It came from inviting other people into my heart and allowing that invitation to change the way I met the world.

How to Open Your Heart

Living with an open heart is something that I practice often and imperfectly. Here are five simple things I have found that help me live with an open heart:

1. Speak the Truth –

Telling lies or half-truths shrinks your heart. When you can be honest with yourself and others, you learn to keep an open heart even when you make mistakes. It also helps you keep an open heart when someone else slips up.

2. Be Still –

Often we close our hearts in very subtle ways. It’s in the moments of silence after deep truths are shared that our hearts are most open. But it’s hard during these moments to stay still and quiet.

When someone shares something vulnerable pause and tell them you want to honor their sharing with silence. This will help them and you hold this space with an open heart, rather then fill it with nervous talking.

3. Be Alone –

Being with others is a great way to open you heart, but only when it’s balanced with spending time alone. Time in solitude helps you connect and understand you own heart. It can also help you to learn how to keep your heart open without depending on others.

4. Meditate –

We often think meditation is about the mind. But actually, it’s just as much if not more about the heart. When the mind settles down the heart begins to hum. That’s because the language of the heart is often more quiet and nuanced. When we take time to slow our thoughts we give our hearts a chance to speak.

5. Love –

The best thing you can do to keep your heart open is to love. And to express that love to yourself and others. Love is the great energy of the heart and the universe is filled with it.

The energy of love surrounds us at all times whether we feel it or not. The best way to tap into this energy is to open our hearts to loving not just others but ourselves as well.

An Open Heart

I used to want to have an open mind, but now I want to have an open heart. I still love ideas and trying new things, but ideas have never satisfied me as much as living with my heart open to those around me. Because it’s only by having an open heart that I have been able to feel the real power and connection of those people I share my life with.

In the end when I’m old and senile, (if I’m lucky enough to make it that long) none of my precious ideas will be left, but maybe, just maybe I will still have enough love, that even if I can’t remember your name, I will remember to love you none the less.


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